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We all know that "special someone" that can't help themselves so here's your chance to help them.....keep their job!


In today's P.S. or P.C. (Polite society or Politically Correct Society) sadly it's not considered good practice to let fly with what you really want to say.  We'll make it easier for you with the  F-Bomb wood cutouts. Give them to your offending friends to let them know what you're thinking at the moment.


Available in the following:

4 - 4 inch F-Bombs
4 - 6 inch F-Bombs
1 -  11 inch M.O.A.F.B (Mother Of All F-Bombs)
1 - 4 inch Round F-Bomb
1 - 6 inch Round F-bomb

1 - 6" f-Bombs (other sizes custom available)1

1 - 4" F-bombs

1 - 6" 3D F-Bomb

2 - 6" 3D F-Bomb

1 each 4-inch, 6 inches, and 11-inch F-Bomb



Volume discounts are available email us at


Be safe, be happy and enjoy! 


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