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That title really sums it up. The last month has been a whirlwind of wonderful aka WOW activity for my web site and products. Around the beginning of this year I sent off one of my designs NubHex3 a 3dprinted multi hex tool to Seth from Berm Peak. Seth puts together some great MTB content that you should check out. After sending it I really thought nothing more of it. Fast forward to the last week of August I looked at my phone at work one day and saw that there were about 100 + people having viewed my website in the last hour which is about 95 more then normal for any given day. Really didn't hit me until about an hour later while I was out riding and my phone notification started going crazy with orders that Seth might have shown NubHex3 in one of his videos. (MTB products I kind alike) Within that day I was up over 75 orders which is a significant increase over my norm.

Since historically I do 3d print on demand, It really hit me as my inventory of preprinted items was just a few items. If you know 3d printing you know that it's not the fastest thing to do at times. 1 NubHex3 can take about 30 minutes to print, let alone printing 20 at a time can take many, many, many hours!!!!

So began the rinse and repeat process of starting a print, setting an alarm to get up in the middle of the night, to pull that print off, and then start the next as the orders continued to come in.

It took time, effort, lots of coffee but the order got out and I've since received a good number of kind words on the products that I've sent. I love to design and make new and different items and this has really spurred on that love.

Bonus being I now have additional printers! So design, prototyping, and production is A LOT faster!

Cheers and good riding


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